Want to get involved?

New To Roller Derby?

Want to skate?

Come to our beginners training nights, where we can lend you kit, teach you how to skate and how to play derby!

Want to officiate?

Referees – We need referees to keep us safe and keep the game fair, if you love rules, can be authorative and decisive, and have a fondness for blowing a whistle, refereeing could be right up your street! If you’re interested, sign up to to our beginners training nights. The first few weeks cover basic skating skills, and then while skaters progress to derby-specific drills, we’ll teach you all you need to know about rules and refereeing.
Non-skating officials: NSOs – you can still be a integral part of roller derby without ever putting on a pair of skates! NSOs make the game tick, by keeping track of the game clock, penalties and the all-important score! Contact us using the form below, we can teach you everything you need to know!

Want to Transfer?

If you’re already involved in Roller Derby, we’re always happy to accept transferring skaters, refs and NSOs at all skill levels! Drop us a message below to have a chat about joining us.